Viewing Campus TV In Your Classroom

Campus TV refers to the content—typically the bell schedule and video announcements—displayed on the televisions throughout the Eastern campus.  This content is also streamed via the Staff Media section of the Eastern web site while you are on campus.  This content is not available to be viewed from home or anywhere else.

To present this content to your students using the projector in your classroom, you will need to connect your computer to the projector in your classroom, then login to the Eastern web site and display the stream.  The following steps detail the sequence:

I. Connect your computer to your projector

It is recommended that your Eastern-provided laptop is used in place of the classroom desktop computer whenever possible. There are two ways to show your laptop’s screen on the projector, wired and wireless:

Wired Projection

The wired projection setup is likely to be more reliable. Make sure to press the   Computer button on your projector’s remote to set your projector to the correct source, Computer 1.

Connect the VGA cable/display adapter to either Thunderbolt port, the Smart Board USB cable to a USB port, and the audio cable to the audio port. The VGA cable will show your computer’s screen on the projector. The Smart Board USB cable will allow you to touch on the Smart Board and utilize the pens (make sure to install the Smart Notebook software from Self Service and restart your computer once prior). The audio cable will output your laptop’s audio to the classroom speakers.

See the images below for a visual representation of the cables and ports:

Wireless Projection

The wireless connection to the projector is done through the Apple TV using AirPlay.

1.  Using your Epson projector remote, turn on your projector

2.  Press the Video button 

Make sure to press the   Video button on your projector’s remote to set your projector to the correct source, HDMI. Also, make sure that your laptop’s bluetooth is set to On – click on the Bluetooth icon in your menu bar to verify this.

When you are in a classroom, select the AirPlay icon in the menu bar and select the classroom Apple TV in the list (e.g. Room806AppleTV). An on-screen code will display on your projector, which you will need to type into the dialogue box on your laptop. This will allow you to wirelessly show your screen on the projector, but physically interacting with the Smart Board cannot be done this way unless the Smart Board USB cable is connected to your computer as well. It is recommended that the wired setup is used instead if you would like to utilize Smart Board functionality. Here is additional information about AirPlay from Apple.

Use AirPlay to see your Mac screen on an HDTV

Below is an image of the AirPlay menu:

II.  Display the Campus TV stream in your web browser

  1. Open Safari, Firefox, or Chrome
  2. Visit the Eastern website, hover over the Staff menu, and select the Media link: Alternatively, this page can be reached directly at the following address:

3. If prompted, login with your Eastern username and password. (You can check the box to remember this password in your keychain)

4. Under the Campus TV heading, click the Watch Now link

5. Click on the Fullscreen button on the bottom right to have the video fill up the screen

*It is important that you access Campus TV through this process, because the website Media page determines the browser you are using and serves the appropriately formatted video stream.*

*If the stream doesn’t start automatically, click on the   Play button. If anything doesn’t appear correctly, please try refreshing the webpage (command+R).

*If you are mirroring the computer screen, the video will display on the projector automatically. If you are using extended desktop mode, you will need to drag the web browser window over to the projector prior to choosing Fullscreen mode.