Flash Player Needs to be Updated Message

In Safari, If you receive an "Flash Player needs to be updated" message when visiting a webpage, please re-enable Flash using the instructions below. Typically, Flash Player is already up-to-date, it's just that it has been disabled in your web browser.

Go to the Safari menu at the top of the screen and choose Preferences.

Choose the  Security tab, make sure "Allow Plug-ins" is checked and select "Plug-in Settings".

In the left column make sure Adobe Flash Player is checked, then in the right part of the dialog box set everything to "Allow". Select Done

Finally, refresh the webpage. It is possible you may need to quit Safari for the changes to take effect.

If Adobe Flash Player is already enabled, and you believe Flash has not updated correctly on your Eastern computer, please submit a Help Desk request so that the Technology Department can look into your issue further.