PowerTeacher Gradebook Initial Setup

1. Go to the school homepage at www.eccrsd.us. Click on the staff tab, bookmarks and then PowerTeacher.

2. Login to PowerTeacher and then launch GradeBook from the left column.

3. Once Gradebook opens click on the Grade setup icon.

4. Make sure Y2 is highlighted and double click on the Y2 bar/icon. A new window will open at the bottom.  

5. Change the percentages for S1, E1 (FINAL EXAM FOR SEMESTER 1 COURSES ONLY), S2 and F1 in the bottom window by clicking on term weights for Y2.  Choose one of the following five choices, for your grading options.

**E1 will be zero unless you have a semester 1 course with a final.

**F1 will be used for full year courses and semester 2 courses with a final.

1.) Full Year Course with exams given: Each semester is 45%, final 10%

2.) Full Year Course no exams given: Each semester 50%

3.) FIRST Semester course with exam: S1 90%, E1 10%

4.) SECOND Semester course with exam: S2 90%, F1 10%

5.) Semester course no exams: Semester 100%

Make sure to  SAVE your setup before moving on the next step or it will not be stored.

6.  Create the categories you want in the bottom left part of the screen.  Click on the “+” symbol to add a category.  You must have Primary, Secondary and Supportive.

7.  Select S1 in the top window and the category weights in the bottom window.

8.  Click on add category at the bottom of the Calculate S1 final grade setup screen.  Add Primary, Secondary and Supportive.  Click the OK button. 

9.  Enter the percentages for each of your categories by clicking on the weight.  The primary category must be the same across all departments.  The secondary and supportive will vary.  The percentage total must be 100%.

Make sure to SAVE.

10.  These are the percentages:

11.  Highlight S2 and repeat steps 8 and 9.

12. Once you have one class setup, you can copy the grade setup to your classes that have the IDENTICAL grade setup.

You will have to setup classes that are graded differently individually.

To copy grades also make sure you have the correct class selected on the left hand side. This is VERY IMPORTANT. If you do not have the class selected that you just setup you will be copying a blank setup.

Make sure Y2 is selected and hit the copy button.

13.   You can only select classes with the IDENTICAL grade setup to copy. Check the boxes of the classes you want to copy the setup and click next.

14.  Select finish and your grade setup will be copied.

15.  Repeat process for all different level classes.  Verify all class grades are setup correctly.