PARCC Proctor Troubleshooting

WEBSITE:  If you are unable to login to the proctor website

1. Make sure you are using this web address:
2. Make sure you are using your eastern email address as your username and the password you have setup.

MICROPHONE: If a student did not allow TestNav microphone access when prompted

1. Open the Settings app.
2. Scroll down and select Privacy.
3. Select Microphone and toggle the button on for TestNav.

TESTNAV:  If a student is unable to login to TestNav

1. Tap “OK” through any error messages on screen and tap the “Sign In” link, if necessary.
2. Make sure that the login page states “New Jersey” above the username and password fields.
3. If the login page states “PARCC Training” or anything else, the student will see an icon resembling a person, located top right corner. Inform the student to choose “Choose Different Customer”. The student will see “Select your Test”. Have student choose “New Jersey”.

*During the PARCC infrastructure trial, students should be selecting PARCC Training instead of New Jersey. 

iPAD ISSUES:  If the iPad is non-responsive, not loading, or will not scroll

1. Restart the iPad by holding down the home button and sleep/wake button at the same time for approximately 8-10 seconds. The iPad screen will go blank and you should see the Apple logo. Once you see the Apple logo, you can release the buttons.
2. Once the iPad restarts, make sure to Resume the student test on your computer so they will be able to log back in.

ERROR MESSAGE:  If an error appears on the iPad

1. Tap through the error messages to get back to a login screen.
2. Any error exits a student from the test, so once the student is back at a login screen you need to Resume the test on your computer so they will be able to log back in.

If a student was kicked out of the test but doesn’t show as exited (REFRESH THE BROWSER)

1. With the session highlighted, click refresh to make sure the student does not appear as exited.
2. Locate the student by looking for their last name and find their status.
3. Using the drop-down arrow next to the listed status, select Resume, even if it shows as Active.

KEYBOARD ISSUES:  Keyboard is turning on Bold, Italic, or Underline

1. Make sure the caps lock is not on by tapping the caps lock button and looking to make sure only one light is lit on the keyboard.

LANGUAGE ISSUES: WHITE KEYBOARDS ONLY-  keyboard keys are not typing what is being pressed

1. Make sure the keyboard is in English by tapping the world key in the bottom lefthand corner of the keyboard and selecting English.
2. If that doesn’t work, tap the world icon and select another language and then tap it again and select English.

If a student is accidentally marked complete or chooses the submit option

1. Please email  Phil Smart ( with the following information:

Name of Student
NJSMART Student ID# (this number is found to the left of the student name on your session page)
Test Session Name
Reason Student was Marked “Complete”

If a student is absent during 1 or more sessions of the PARCC assessment

1. If a student is absent for 1 or more days of an assessment, upon the return of the student, they will take the test session which is being administered that day. The student will be scheduled for makeup session(s) to be administered the following week.
2. Please remember, DO NOT choose the submit or complete button for any student who misses any session of the assessment. Only if the student has completed ALL 3 sessions of the english assessment and/or ALL 3 sessions of the math assessment should the test be completed.

HEADPHONES: Headphones with a lightning connector cannot be used for PARCC testing

The lightning port on the iPad must be used for the external keyboard, and students must use either their own standard 1/8" headphones, or the headphones provided by the district for testing.

ERROR Msg 3001:  Required module has failed to load.

This is resolved by deleting the TestNav app from the student's iPad, then downloading the latest version of TestNav:

  1. Delete the TestNav app from the iPad
  2. From the home screen, launch Self Service app
  3. In Self Service, select the TestNav app (at the top left) to download the latest version

Error 3120:  Operating system version not supported.

This issue is resolved by updating iOS on the iPad.  Updating iOS may take an extended period of time (sometimes twenty minutes or longer).

  1.  Launch Settings app from the iPad home screen
  2.  In the left-hand column, select General
  3.  On the right-hand side of the screen, select Software Update
  4.  Select "Download and Install" or "Install".
  5. Note:  If the iPad battery has less than 50% charge, it will need to be connected to the charger before running the update