Add Eastern Mail, Contacts, Calendars to a Laptop or Desktop

*Please make sure your Mail application has been quit before running through this process.

1) Open  System Preferences using the icon in your Dock. (Or by clicking on the Apple in the upper-left corner of your screen and choosing  System Preferences...)

2) Select  Internet Accounts.

3) If you already have a Google Account on your computer ( Teacher laptops and any staff member with the new setup). Select your Eastern Google account in the left pane, and check of the Mail service listed under your Eastern Google Account to enable it. If this works, skip to step 8.

4) If you do not already have an Eastern Google account on your computer, select the  Google logo to begin adding your Eastern Google Apps account.

5) Enter your full Eastern email address (e.g.

6) Enter the password you have created for your Eastern Google Apps account. This is likely the same as your current Eastern account password. Click  Next.

7) Leave all of the services checked off unless you know for sure you want certain services off.

8) If you receive any errors, select the Google account you have just created in the pane on the left, and make sure to check off Mail once again so that it remains checked off. If you still experience an error, restart your computer and try once more.

8) Open the Mail application in your dock and verify all is well.

*** If you are unable to setup your Eastern mail, please submit a  Support Request. Your Eastern mail is accessible using Eastern Webmail, even if you do not have a mail application setup. Eastern webmail can be accessed at .You may need to sign out of your personal Gmail account if you are already logged into another account. ***